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Indian Van Lines removals has over 15+ years experience of carrying out office removals throughout India We understand that all office moves are different, so whether you are moving an office of 5 or 500 employees we have the capability to move your office securely and professionally. While moving office could be a hassle and ultimately stressful, with our commercial teams experience in planning and organising office removals. Your company can continue working with minimal disturbance.

Flexible Office Removals

Office removals come in all shapes and sizes. Schedules, budgets and other challenges differ dramatically from one move to the next. So with are vast experience in this sector we are able to cope with most requirements, also if necessary we are able to call upon the help and expertise of the 42 other India members.

Site Visits and Planning

With office removals a site visit is more important than ever, as there is so much that needs to be considered in the planning. One of our qualified surveyors will visit you prior to your move in order to ascertain the quantity to be moved, packing requirements, the moving of the ICT equipment, discuss the transfer options, check access, and discuss any other details with you. After visiting the site, we will have a full understanding of the potential challenges, obstacles, your specific needs and concerns so will can plan your removal in the best possible way.


The labelling of all Office effects is essential in assuring a smooth and well organised move. We will provide special colour coded labels, which will make sure all items will be placed in the correct location.

Removal of IT Equipment

We understand the importance of the safe moving of any IT equipment, as it is such an important part of any fully functional working office, our main aim is always to minimise any down time. We are able to organise the full disconnecting, moving and reconnecting of your IT equipment for your convenience or alternatively are able to work alongside your own IT people on the moving of the equipment. The IT equipment will be packed into specially designed Techno-Cartons, using a AntiStatic bubble wrap to protect the screens.

Specialist Equipment

The Surveyor will be able advise you if any specialist equipment would be needed for any unique pieces of furniture or equipment on site, such as fire proof cabinets and safes. We have an array of equipment for most situations but if the hire of specialist equipment is needed we can organise this for you.

Building Protection

Protection of your building, the safety of your staff and visitors during a move is essential. Protection material will be applied to both origin and destination buildings as appropriate.


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